Cookie Policy

Cookies (also known as internet cookies, web cookies, browser cookies or HTTP cookies) are small pieces of information in the form of a text file, containing a string of letters and numbers. This file is sent from a website to the person’s browser where they get saved before going back to the same website. Each cookie is unique in its own way and can’t pass viruses or capture personal information on your computer. It enables the websites to work more efficiently, recognizing and remembering certain information, such as login details. Cookies are very common, and you probably have thousands of them stored right now on your computer.

Cookies are used by 2 systems/plugins on this website.

  • 1. GOOGLE ANALYTICS: Anaylizes visits to the website. It enables us to see how many people are visiting the website, what pages they look at, for how long, what countries they are from, what devices they are viewing on (laptop,mobile or desktop) etc. More info HERE
  • 2. GOOGLE RECAPTCHA: Monitors how the Oil order form is filled in to stop "spam bots" spamming the order form and creating false orders. More info HERE